We believe the mountains can heal. We value self reliance, problem solving and in making do with what we have. We believe less is more, and that a night spent under the stars is the best form of therapy. 


Our Mission

A Girl and her Dog Adventures is a custom tailored guiding business dedicated to introducing women and girls to the sport of backpacking. We build trips around your ability level, age, interests and schedules. We believe that empowerment happens when you step outside your comfort zone and learn a new skill, push boundaries, and challenge your spirit and body. We believe too often women and girls are inadvertently taught to be scared, to remain inside, or that they require a chaperone. 

A Girl and her Dog believes backpacking teaches and re-ignites the inner bad*** in us all. All we ask is you come with a moderate fitness level (ability to walk 3 miles without pain/exhaustion) and a good attitude. We do the rest! 

With a drool inducing gear shed, A Girl and Her Dog has the equipment necessary for the beginner backpacker to have a fun, safe adventure in the woods with top quality packs, tents, pads and sleeping bags. Food preferences and allergies are taken into consideration to accommodate individuals for fun, tasty back country meals that satisfy and energize, and chocolate is always just a zipper pocket away.

Participants can anticipate reviewing the topics of trail selection, topo map and trail navigation, back country safety, packing tips, Leave No Trace principles, and an introduction to flora and fauna of the area.