The Dog

Otis was a lover of adventure: sometimes he would even build his own, cruising the hills of Marin chasing deer and fighting coyotes, or taking himself to the nearest pond on "his" ranch in Sonoma on a hot day. He was everything a girl could hope for and more out of a humane society pup. He spent 9 years inspiring adventure in his girl. From snowshoeing, cross country skiing, backpacking, hiking and trail running all over the west, there wasn't a suspension bridge he couldn't cross. He learned that chickens are friends, not food, was a lover of kids, babies, little dogs, and carrots. He was a fierce protector of those he loved. Gopher hunter and international traveler, he also enjoyed a lazy morning upside down in bed or a tent full of 800 fill goose down getting belly rubs. Sadly, during the development of A Girl and Her Dog Adventures, he left his Girl and Boy unexpectedly after a cancer diagnosis.